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Hi, I’m Debra!

How I Learned About Personal Wellness and Self Care

Personal wellness and self care aren’t really topics that I thought much about until I took a course to become a victim advocate for sexual assault survivors. While that course was obviously aimed at certain situations, I learned that personal wellness and self care are skills that everyone can benefit from, regardless of your life experiences. I’ve made it my goal to take care of my personal wellness by practicing self care; now I’d like to share that with you.

How I Got Where I Am

In 2011, I started my first year of college. I was majoring in Radio-Television with a specialization in radio. Radio was something that I really enjoyed in high school, so I was convinced I was on the path to build the future of my dreams. However, I realized pretty early on that I was more interested in the video side of things, so I changed my plans and added Cinematography as a double major. That was the first of many times that I changed my major. Despite all of the changes I made throughout my college career, I never found the thing that clicked. I stopped caring about school, started skipping classes, and stopped spending time with my friends. I ended up quitting school in the summer of 2014 to move home and look into joining the Navy.

After a little over a year in my hometown and meeting my now-husband, I enlisted in the Navy in October of 2015. Since I’ve been in, I’ve been to two different schools and lived in three different states: California, Florida, and now Colorado. I’ve enjoyed my time in the Navy, but my husband and I adore Colorado. And with a little one on the way, the stability that comes with getting out and no longer moving around seems like the best option for our family. (Besides, it gets harder to move with every pet that you add – and we’ve basically got a zoo!)

Why Personal Wellness and Self Care are Important to Me

Earlier this year, my husband encouraged me to talk to someone about what he thought may have been anxiety. I put it off for a long time – I was terrified to see a doctor in that capacity. However, after a lot of thinking, and a lot more prodding, I finally made an appointment. When I finally went, the doctor told me that it sounded like my husband was right. Talking through it made me realize that a lot of the things I’ve done (or not done) in my life have been related to anxiety that I wasn’t doing anything about. That was when I really started to focus on taking better care of myself. Now, I haven’t cured my anxiety – I still struggle with it all the time – but I’m in a much better place now.

I’d like to take what I’ve learned from practicing personal wellness and self care and learning to help others do the same and share that knowledge with you. I’ll show you small things you can do to improve your life, without disrupting too much. Think of personal wellness and self care as adding a little bit of glitter to your life.

I can’t wait to share all of the glitter with you,


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