Self Care: 5 Myths That Are Totally Wrong

Self Care

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#1: You Don’t Need Self Care

One thing I hear a lot from people about self care is that they don’t need it. They think it’s stupid or a waste of time, or only for people who have been through exceptionally traumatic experiences.

None of those things are true. The truth is that taking the time to care for yourself is a super important part of personal wellness of practicing the many facets of it will improve your overall well being. Self care won’t solve all of your problems or magically cure your ailments, but you will feel better about yourself and likely make some real progress towards your personal goals.

#2: It Takes Up Too Much Time

Self care doesn’t have to take up a ton of time at all! It can be as simple as taking a few moments to clear your mind of whatever nasty, crazy stuff is floating around up there and thinking about all of the good things you have going for you.

In fact, one of the categories is Social Self Care, which places emphasis on nurturing relationships of all kinds in a healthy way. Prioritizing spending quality time with loved ones is a type of self care, and you’re likely already doing that!

#3: It’s Expensive

Sure, it can be expensive. But it definitely does not have to be. I’m all for going on Groupon to get a massage, but one of my favorite activities involves sitting down with a cup of my favorite tea and reading eBooks from the library.

#4: It’s Just About Adult Coloring Books

While adult coloring books can be used, and are even encouraged by some, there are so many other activities that fall within the different categories that can increase your personal wellness in different ways.

Some examples include:

  • Creative Outlets (Art, writing, music, etc.)
  • Physical Exercise
  • Mindful Eating
  • Spending Time with Loved Ones
  • Self Reflection
  • Personal Development

And that’s not an all-inclusive list!

#5: Self Care is Selfish

Self care is NOT selfish. We spend so much of our lives putting others first, whether it’s our spouses, kids, coworkers, or bosses. Taking time to care for yourself lets you recharge, rejuvenate, and be able to take on all of your responsibilities without running yourself dry. If anything, taking care of yourself lets you perform better for the people you care about – and that’s the opposite of selfish.

11 comments on “Self Care: 5 Myths That Are Totally Wrong

  • Hannah Holyfield , Direct link to comment

    I love this article. I used to believe the myth that Self Care is selfish, but after dealing with OCD, I have learned that it is very useful and super important. I love the idea of reading library ebooks and drinking tea!

    • Debra , Direct link to comment

      Hi, Hannah! I’m so glad that you liked the article. I’m even more glad that you’ve discovered how important self care is, though! πŸ™‚

  • Jenny , Direct link to comment

    “It’s all about adult colouring books” LOL. Self care is REALLY important and I love how clearly you remind us of it, especially that is doesn’t have to be time consuming and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Thank you.

    • Debra , Direct link to comment

      Hi, Jenny! That’s the best thing about self care – it’s easy to do things for yourself without spending a ton of money. I’m glad you liked it. πŸ™‚

  • Julia , Direct link to comment

    You’re totally right self-care is not selfish!! We have to take care of ourselves before we can really help others πŸ™‚

  • Dani , Direct link to comment

    I really like the last thing you said. People need to hear it…self care is not selfish. I think your voice is important and needed. Awesome post.

  • Supal , Direct link to comment

    I COMPLETELY used to believe all these until I woke up to a panic attack when I turned 28 ha! There are so many great apps out there that encourage self-care for free and you can totally define self-care however you’d like! This post was spot on!

  • Ellen Mika Zelasko , Direct link to comment

    This post covers all the right topics. It’s every argument out there against self care. I especially like the last one, that self care is selfish. It couldn’t be further from the truth, and you make your point quickly and concisely. Great job!

  • Autumn , Direct link to comment

    I love this! Self-care is so important and even something “as simple” as coloring in a coloring book could give you a mental reboot and creative outbreak to get you back to your normal self.

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